Manfredi Pumo
Story, Script, Graphics

He is a communication designer but he has a rough idea of what a comic is (actually, he has a bookcase full of comic books and still adding to it). He has an insane passion for Duck Avenger, geometric shapes, primary colors and t-shirts with graphic-ish prints only he can understand. His sense of humor is also damaged in several places.
He probably is the conceptual basis of Adventure Time’s Jake the Dog.

Gloria Marino
Story, Art

She has a degree in painting and she’s been drawing since she can remember. She piles sketchbooks over sketchbooks because “you never know”. She’s a fan of almost everything that exists in the fantasy/sci-fi world, but she has a soft spot for Marvel and Doctor Who. She has decided to make a living out of drawing until she can become a crime mistress training mice to commit heinous crimes.
Unfortunately it’s a long shot for now.

Fandom is their very first project together (maybe not the last one).
It started a bit as a joke and a bit from their curiosity: we know superheroes stories as told by main characters, villains, victims… but what about fans? What kind of choices can you take thinking about your obsession? Discover it with us.
Join the fandom.